I love to Fork!

I never ever wanted to do restaurant reviews on my blog because, firstly, I don’t think my vocabulary is great enough to express my feelings on amazing food and half the time i don’t even know what i’m eating, and secondly, I hate complaining so I wouldn’t want to bad mouth any place.

But I have to make an exception to the rule with Fork in Long Street, Cape Town. It was my third time there last night and, again, I was blown away by the venue, service and food, presentation and taste. It’s just all too yummy for words I tell you! It’s a dimly lit restaurant with dark décor, wooden floors which creek as you walk on them and red brick walls. The waiter was very friendly, he made as if he knew me and I played his game as well because everyone wants to feel important. We had red wine which he recommended and it was really nice. It was a pinotage, that’s all I know! Hey, if it’s red wine I’ll drink it! Don’t judge!

We ordered the Roasted butternut with humus and pine nuts, Roast pork belly with a mustard and parsley crust,Smoked salmon rolls with goats’ cheese, dill and salmon caviar on crostini and the Lamb special, which was lamb on potato puree (I think) and green beans (see I’m hopeless with description if I can’t take it from the menu). Oh Em Gee it was A B C DIVIIIIINE!!!!!! We absolutely loved every bite (and  sip). Then we decided to try some dessert 🙂 Maaaaaaan am I glad we did! We went with the White chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis and the Flourless chocolate cake!!!!! O_O I really just cannot explain how amazing it was. We were in heaven!!!! And I don’t like using these funny words that are the in thing these days but everything was just AMAZEBALLS!

After that we went to watch a show at The Alexander Bar. I love this place just because it’s so cosy and the décor is vintage so it’s like you are worlds away from Strand Street, Cape Town when you’re inside. The show we watched was Violet Online which was absolutely hilarious and we could totally relate……..sometimes :-/ You have to check out the synopsis here.

I would recommend Fork and The Alexander Bar any day and any time for anyone who has a soul 🙂


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